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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite | 5 Star

Out: Gunnar and Bullet by Isaac Morales is a fantasy science fiction set in the land of Acacia in the kingdom of Cydonia. The story unfolds with the escape of thirty-nine-year-old Gunnar and thirteen-year-old Bullet from Mercado on their horse-powered wagon. The readers see them going through endless fights as they try to regain their lost kingdom. In a plot dominated by action, we see Gunnar and Bullet fighting in taverns, getting into sword fights and going into the dens of dragons. On their journey to regain their lost kingdom after many years, these two encounter different types of people and creatures, and learn some valuable lessons. The encounters and battles leave the two of them overwhelmed. Will Gunnar and Bullet finally be able to win?

The plot has a lot of action and the author’s unforced style of writing draws readers into the book. The detailed and carefully nuanced scenes of Gunnar and Bullet keep the action, drama and immediacy of the battle alive. All the characters complement the plot very well and the author has crafted them well without losing the grip on the pace of the story. It’s definitely a book for those who love action and adventure. The legendary creatures in the story help to shift the focus from the action a bit and give a fantasy element to the story. The entire book has been presented very aesthetically - the plot, the presentation - making it appealing to readers.

Reviewed by karole on Amazon | 5 Star

"Great book!"

lots of action. This book made me cry, laugh . The author grabbed my attention (,it was hard to put the book down), cant wait for pt2 .need to know what happens to Gunner and Bullet and Dragons..

Reviewed by Francisco on Amazon | 5 Star

“Like most knights of the day, would rather leave it in the dark than shedding light upon the truth”

The story definitely took you on an adventure. The characters are well put together. The roles of uncle and nephew is something that I have never read before and it was a very interesting take. I’m glad to read that a teen was not acting childish and was mature and smart especially when confronted with life and death choices. Mose, I feel was a stand out even though his role was small but had a pretty big impact. Other than that, a great fun fantasy adventure story with amazing action sequences and great world design. I would love to see what else is in store for these characters. Great job.

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